Thanks to the help of our members and donors, in Fall 2012, CRAGS was able to finally re-open the Auburn Quarry.


For the time being, CRAGS’s permit to keep the quarry open is conditional and requires that CRAGS provide “volunteers” who are present to supervise, climb, remind people that the quarry closes at sundown, and report dangerous activity.

If you were planning on climbing at the quarry one of these weekends, please consider signing up as a volunteer for CRAGS.   If we do not have volunteers like you, we will lose our permit to climb at Auburn!


Please spread the word that we need help.  If you already climb at Auburn anyway, being a volunteer is as simple as climbing and keeping an eye out, then emailing the coordinator after you get home.  note – you can climb while you volunteer!   Email us HERE with your contact info to let us know you are interested in volunteering.  We will contact you promptly.   Then, after you let us know you want to volunteer, we will send you the volunteer calendar so you can sign up for dates so we can keep track of who is volunteering and when.  You can see the volunteer calendar HERE to check out the dates we need people.  We have to have records of who’s volunteering so we can show proof that we have official CRAGS volunteers out there.

WAIVERS: We also need our volunteers to sign and return to us a simple liability waiver which you can download HERE.

CALENDAR:  Click HERE for dates we need still have not found volunteers.

We need volunteers Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons, as well as holidays (any time the quarry would be open to the public).
Please email us if you have any questions or would like more information about volunteering.

Details on Auburn Quarry are posted at Mountain Project  *Note, CRAGS does not contribute to or monitor the information on Mountain Project.

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