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Find climbing partners and friends, share climbing beta,  and get more information about upcoming events.


5 Responses to Forum – Members

  1. yourcrags says:

    Carpools to Lover’s Leap Clean Up June 16-17? If you are offering or looking. Post below!

  2. Bob Schneider says:

    For Rob Trelford- Nice seeing you at the Rocknasium. Here is my contact info:
    Bob Schneider
    2402Westernesse Rd
    Davis, CA 95616


  3. Daniel Frederick says:

    Was looking for a couple of pieces of info. Where is the June 13th meeting? Are we doing a movie at the lovers leap adopt a crag event? Can we get that event on the Access Fund and American Alpine Club websites? And Steph Davis is speaking in Emeryville two days before, anyone want to come with me and ask her to our event?

  4. Kathleen says:

    I just want to say THANK YOU!! We stumbled upon Cave Valley by accident, a couple of weeks ago, and how AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL! We just went back yesterday to climb the mountain and walk around the entire area and were jealous of all the rock climbers. So, awesome. Thank you for advocating the opening of this beautiful, historic site and would love to learn to rock climb and become more active within this community. Thanks again!!


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